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Get More Fans to Your Genealogy Facebook Community

Are you looking for ways to attract more fans to your Facebook Fan page?  The following tips will help your community get more exposure.  If you consistently use them, you will find yourself connecting to more people who are excited about the great genealogy resources that you have to share.

1.  Post using the page profile so your posts go out to the friends of your fans and not just to your fans.

When you post to your page using the your personal profile, only the fans of the page see it, however, when you post using the page profile, your fans and the friends of your fans see the posts.   If you are using the new Facebook Timeline, you will find the option to post as the page profile underneath the manage tab:

Timeline View: Use Facebook as page profile

The option to post as the page profile is on the right underneath the admins section if you have not published the new Facebook Timeline:

2. Write or find good articles that have to do with the topic of your Fan page. Try not to post things that do not relate to the page.

Look for news, resources and events that you can share in your genealogy community.   Where are good places to find information or articles?   A few great ideas would be:

  • Blog or local newspapers often feature genealogy related stories and news
  • Find out what may be happening at the local genealogical society, library, archive, or museum.
  • Search for other communities on Facebook that you can “like” using the page profile.  This will bring the posts they share into the newsfeed of your page, and you will be able to choose those items to share.

3. Share good content at least once a day.

It is important to find out what time of day most of your fans are online.  You could take a poll in the community asking when they go online to check the page posts.  When you determine the best time, post the same time each day, if possible.  Your fans will look forward to what you share.  If you miss several days in a roll, your fans may lose interest.  Remember some types of content get more attention than others:

  • Video
  • Photographs
  • Polls

4. Share your page on your personal Timeline to so those who follow you who have not “liked” your page can find it. 

It will not hurt to share your page on your personal Timeline.  That may get the attention of your friends who watch your personal posts carefully.  Do not be too shy to come right out and ask them to “like” your page.

5. Create an email signature where you insert links to your blog and your Facebook page for those who email you.

Some of our family and friends have migrated over from e-mail to Facebook yet.  When you send an e-mail, it would be wise to use an e-mail signature that has live links to your Facebook Fan page along with your recent post.  This might encourage them to “like” you page.   I created an e-mail signature at Wisestamp:

Wisestamp e-mail signature.

6. If you are not on Twitter, register and create a profile.

Follow people similar to you and share your Facebook page and links to articles that you write.  I have used Twitter now for a couple of years.  I mostly follow people that tweet about genealogy, history, and technology.  I have been amazed at the great exchange that happens between all my friends on Twitter.  We look forward to reading and retweeting each other’s posts.  Find a few people to follow, then follow some of the people they follow, and you will be glad you did too. My username is @savingstories.  Put your username below in the comment section, and we will follow you!

7. Add your information (blog, Facebook page) to business cards.

The next time you order business cards, be sure you have created a Facebook username for you page (See: Claiming a Username for your Facebook Fan Page).  Add that username alongside the other information on your business cards (example:  GoSocialWithGenealogy on Facebook!)  This is a very simple way to network and promote your page offline in the community.

If you have any more ideas you would like to share that may help others trying to grow their Facebook communities, please feel free to share below.  Also, if you would like to see more of these kinds of tips, let me know!


2 comments on “Get More Fans to Your Genealogy Facebook Community

  1. Roxanne
    March 6, 2012

    Great advice! Especially about posting as your page. I didn’t realize I can gain more “likes” that way. also the type of content that gets the most attention. I will try to post more videos on my page.

    I’ve created a twitter account as well. I’m @WhosWorld


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