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On New Facebook Fan Page, Timeline is Automatic

Well, I received a bit of a shock this evening when I put up the Facebook page for this blog.  I immediately noticed the page where you upload your profile photo was completely different.  I knew instantly that new Fan pages published are automatically generated using the new Facebook Timeline view.  In case you are wondering, you start the process of creating your Fan page at the bottom of the webpage after you log on to Facebook:

Click "Create a Page" to begin

After I selected the Fan page category, I saw the new upload photo screen:

Use your logo here

This is where you would upload your logo.  This is not the place to upload the landscape type photograph that takes up the space at the top of your Timeline.  Next, you will be prompted to enter some information about the purpose of your Fan Page and pertinent websites:

You will be prompted next to “like” the page, notify friends, post to your wall.  Liking your page makes the Fan page visible to the people you follow.  So, I skip all that until I have seeded the page with helpful resources, added the cover photo, and made comments on the photos.  It can be frustrating to “like” the page and find your friends liking the page before you have prepared photos and resources to share with them.  Who wants to join a blank page?

If you scroll down underneath the “Admin Panel” you will find a tab that says “Add Cover Photo.”  Click on it to upload the photo from your computer.

Add Cover Photo

This is what the page looks like when you click “Hide” to see it without the Admin Panel:

 With the “Admin Panel” open,  click on the “Manage” tab, “Edit Page” then “Basic Settings” so that you can add information to the “About” and “Description” sections.”

Basic Settings

Click on “View Page” and scroll to the beginning of the Timeline to add information (the story) about why you started your Fan Page:

 After you have added a few blogs posts and liked a few similar pages, go ahead and “like” your page and share it with friends.  You do not have to write all the blog posts yourself, invite your friends to share.


2 comments on “On New Facebook Fan Page, Timeline is Automatic

  1. Yvette Porter Moore
    March 2, 2012

    It is great you are sharing with those of how to put their facebook page together. I want to know how I can get people to follow my Facebook Page..What are your suggestions?

    • Hi Yvette! Thanks for stopping by and posting your question. Please post the link to your Facebook page here and on our Facebook Fan page.

      You pose a great question. I can offer a few suggestions, and will explain in more detail in an upcoming article.

      1. How to get more followers to your Facebook Fan page:
      Post using the page profile so your posts go out to the friends of your fans not just your fans.

      2. Write or find good articles which have to do with the topic of your Fan page. Try not to post things that do not relate to the page.

      3. Share good content at least once a day. Follow people who would interest the fans on your page and post articles they write. It is wonderful to help your fans get to know other people too.

      4. Share your page on your personal Timeline to so those who follow you who have not “liked” your page can find it.

      5. Create an email signature where you insert links to your blog and your Facebook page for those who email you.

      6. If you are not on Twitter. Register and create a profile. Follow people similar to you and share your Facebook page and links to article that you write.

      7. Add your information (blog, Facebook page) to business cards.

      I hope these get you off to a good start.

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